Fascinating New Idea Vehicles From Nissan and Toyota


In the current years of car trends, it appears like everybody is into eco-friendly autos such as hybrids and all electric automobiles. Americans can’t get adequate of the mediocre hunting Prius. They pee in their pants just pondering about the new all electric Nissan Leaf.

But what about all the driving enthusiasts out there who want they could drive a enjoyable sports auto that was each riveted by highly effective efficiency and looked dead attractive? Each Nissan and Toyota have place their pondering caps on and came up with a couple thrilling new idea automobiles for the future. Prius haters rejoice!

You can nonetheless appear fantastic and be eco-friendly at the exact same time when driving these autos:

1) Nissan ESFLOW Electric Sports Car or truck-it appears like a sports auto and drives like a sports auto, but it has one particular essential distinction-it is all electric. The ESFLOW is powered by the exact same technologies applied in the Nissan Leaf. The ESFLOW is a pure electric car with zero emissions, has two electric motors and lithium ion batteries. With the new ESFLOW, no sacrifices need to have to be created to drive an ecological auto. You get almost everything you want out of this eco-friendly sports auto-an eye-catching sleek appear, sporty efficiency and friendly to the atmosphere.

2) Nissan Townpod Idea. Right after seeing the new 2011 Juke, it is not shocking to see Nissan establishing the most special hunting idea autos in the marketplace now. Take a appear at the Nissan Townpod Idea, a auto that appears far more like a toy than an actual car.

Nissan notices that there are far more persons now who perform from household and do not have fixed hours or regimented schedules. Their business enterprise life and social life have a tendency to blend with each other. As such, Nissan believes “”their private transportation should be equally multifaceted.”” The Townpod will combine the “”comfort and style of a passenger auto with the businesslike utility of a industrial car.”” This will also be a zero emission car.

3) Toyota FT-HS. Toyota’s idea FT-HS combines hybrid powertrain with sports auto fundamentals.

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